About Us

Our Mission

  • To provide efficient trained waiters, bartenders, porters and chefs at cost effective rates to our clients.
  • To develop our employees to their fullest potential
  • To give our clients efficient and professional management support.
  • To give our clients peace of mind with professional service we provide.
  • To contribute to the reputation and growth of the hospitality industry in South Africa

Our Vision

  • To be guided by sound business principles that focus on the client.
  • To play an interactive role in the hospitality industry.

Our Values


  • Putting our clients first and to provide unmatched services resulting in lifelong relationship.
  • Maintaining the highest standard of quality in the catering industry.
  • Putting our clients first and value them as our most important asset.

Our Objectives

  • To provide professional and efficient waiters and bartenders to our clients.
  • To provide service which is target centered and customer oriented.
  • To provide renowned and personalized value, added service through the customized and specialized quality imprint we leave within the market.
  • To provide service that is accurate, timeous, quality and stable.
  • To create jobs and training for the unemployed, youths and women.

Security Profile

Training Of Staff